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Addams Family 2

Addams Family 2 animated cover.jpg

Bette Midler, Bill Hader, Charlize Theron, Chloë Grace Moretz, Javon "Wanna" Walton, Nick Kroll, Oscar Isaac, Snoop Dogg, Wallace Shawn

Distributed by&: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer 
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Kevin Miserocchi, Jonathan Glickman, Cassidy Lange, Andrew Mittman, Aaron L. Gilbert, and Jason Cloth
PRODUCERS: Gail Berman, Conrad Vernon, Danielle Sterling, and Alison O'Brien
DIRECTED BY: Greg Tiernan, Conrad Vernon


Department 56 Addams Family Village
Department 56 Addams Family Village

It was 1938 when the Charles Addams cartoon depicting a quirky group, The Addams Family, first appeared in The New Yorker. In his words, “A closely knit family, the real head being Morticia – although each of the others is a definite character… Gomez and Pugsley are enthusiastic. Morticia is even in disposition, muted, witty, sometimes deadly. Wednesday is her mother’s daughter. The house is a wreck, of course, but this is a house-proud family just the same and every trap door is in good repair. Money is no problem.
© and ™ Tee and Charles Addams Foundation.

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Released October 18th, 2019
from MGM Studios & Cinesite

Addams Family Movie 2019 (animated)
Voice Cast: Charlize Theron, Bette Midler, Oscar Isaac, Chloë Grace Moretz, Nick Kroll, and Finn Wolfhard in The Addams Family (2019)

Distributed by&: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer 
Production company: Cinesite; & Nitrogen Studios
Directors: Conrad Vernon & Greg Tiernan
Executive Producers: Andrew Mittman and Kevin Miserocchi
Producers: Conrad Vernon, Gail Berman and Alex Schwartz

Special thanks to: Kevin Miserocchi Executive Director of the Tee & Charles Addams Foundation

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Addams Family Behind the Scenes
Time Magazine's audition photos.

Life Magazine: ‘Addams Family’ Hopefuls: Photos From Auditions for a Classic TV Show
(click to open a new page)

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TV's Year of the Monster Article
Aug 21, 1964

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Addams Family Pinball Game App
Here links to where people can purchase the table now:

iTunes (iOS):
Google Play:
Amazon App Store:
Steam (For PC and Mac):

PS4 version should be releasing mid March

Mike Lindsey
Community Manager|
FarSight Studios

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21 Chester Place: The Real Addams Family House
John Astin as Gomez in front of 21 Chester Place. Publicity photo for the Addams Family TV show circa 1964

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Jib Jab Addams Family Movies Starring You cast 5 people as the Addams Family

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Amazing Sculpture

Greg Maraio sent these wonderful pictures of a recently completed 
sculpture of Mortica Addams. The likeness is incredible.
The makeup was done by Dash and Dazzle.
Contact Greg at


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Addams Family Themed Cartoon from
Scott Hilburn's The Argyle Sweater

See more The Argyle Sweater

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Original Art by Bob Bentovoja

Bob worked for the studios during the 1960's and 70's. He produced works based on many of the TV shows on the air during that period. Thanks to Greg for connecting with AddamsFamily.Com and bring us a piece of TV history. 
Copyright © Bob Bentovoja

Bob also provided information about the Giraffe in the Suit portrait that hangs on the set. 

The painting was done by Karl Hubenthal.

Take a look at the Karl Hubenthal site
(opens in a new window)

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YouTube Treasures

Lurch on Batman

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Google Honors Charles Addams 100th Birthday

This doodle ran for 24 hours on January, 7th 2012. The banner appeared on Google's sites in Austrailia, United States and England.

click on image to view an animated video posted on YouTube

(opens in new window)

Read more:
Washington Post: CHARLES ADDAMS GOOGLE DOODLE: Spooky 'Addams Family' logo celebrates macabre ...
PC World: Google Honors 'Graveyard Guru' Charles Addams With Doodle
Houston Chronicle: Addams Family plies its musical charms Google salutes cartoonist Charles Addams | Charles Addams celebrated with Google doodle | CNET UK Google Doodle Honors Macabre Cartoonist Charles Addams on His 100th Birthday

Search Google: Addams Google Doodle

AddamsFamily.Com thanks Google and the Tee and Charles Addams Foundation.

The  Addams Family Musical
Hits the Road

Click here: To view the Tour Schedule 

I recommend that you go to the site for some great historical information about Charles Addams, the Addams Family and some of Charles Addams original cartoons.  Meet the cast and see Charles Addams' works presented with narration.

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Photographer Richard Fish's widow donates work for Oviatt Library exhibition

Rare Color Photos of the Addams Family TV Sets

The Addams Family set, photographed by Richard Fish

One of the most popular displays in the exhibit is of the Addams Family set.

�I have seen quite a few students looking up at all the photographs and especially at the Addams Family photo�s, everybody remembers that show,� said Marianne Afifi, associate dean at the Oviatt Library.

 It has images of the different sets and characters from the black-and-white TV show.  This assignment for TV Guide magazine allowed the public to see the show in color for the first time.

Excerpted  from the Daily Sundial by Marina D. Sandoval, January 27th, 2011

The Richard Fish exhibit was scheduled to run from Nov. 1, 2010 through January 30th, 2011

Thanks to Robert Stone

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Cousin Itt Sounds from David Robert Wooten
Thanks to David for submitting these samples.

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Vic Mizzy, composer of the Addams Family Theme passes at age 93.
October 20, 2009.

You may not know Vic Mizzy's name, but you know his works. Vic Mizzy wrote many of the iconic TV themes of the 1960s and 70's.. Perhaps his most memorable theme song is The Addams Family theme, he also wrote the theme for Green Acres, starring Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor.  Vic Mizzy also scored many of Don Knott's movies. AddamsFamily.Com sends our condolences to the Mizzy family and friends.

Read his obituary from the LA Times:,0,1713293.story 

Vic Mizzy Jan. 9, 1916 - Oct. 20, 2009

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Addams Family Musical Announcment

The Tee & Charles Addams Foundation
Press release:
Elephant Eye Theatrical

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volume 1 volume 2 volume 3

Check your local video store

Addams Family DVD Set Details
Updated 08/07/06

The Addams Family TV Series has been released in 3 volumes. You can buy them individually or as a box set.
The first volume will contain 20-22 episodes and a bonus disc.
Look for Volume 1 to be release Tuesday, October 24th.

The Addams Family TV series will be on DVD.
These will be the only officially licensed set of DVDs.

If you find DVDs available on the web, please notify or the Tee & Charles Addams Foundation at

Thanks to Joseph Van Patten and to the

Tee & Charles Addams Foundation Home Page graphic

Enter the Gift Shop

and show your appreciation of Charles Addams' work.

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Addams Family DVD Publicity Photos

Family  Morticia Gomez Fester
2498x3002 656k 2186x3050 451k 2173x3058 478k 2450x2865 353k
Addams Family Gomez Morticia Fester Lurch Pugsley Wednesday Thing

These are high quality scans that have been provided by Fox Home Entertainment.
Please do not distribute, sell, reprint, or otherwise use these images for any commercial purposes without the express permission of Fox Home Entertainment.

They are intended for the personal enjoyment of Addams Family fans.

Thank you to Fox Home Entertainment for providing these images

For rights and permissions contact:

Fox Home Entertainment
2121 Avenue of the Stars, #3047
Los Angeles, CA 90067

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Book News & Reviews

New Book
The Addams Family: Eviloution

Pomegranate Press

Doug Ogg of
Ogg's World (click to visit Ogg's World) 
Has written a review of a new biography of 

Charles Addams by Linda H. Davis
Charles Addams biography cover thumbnail
Click to view the cover (1MB graphic)

 Read Doug's Review
I finished reading it and I recommend it to all Addams Family fans.
- Jon Davis, Webmaster, AddamsFamily.Com

Listen to an interview with Linda H. Davis conducted for Afternoon Magazine on WILL-AM radio. 10/24/06

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Got Trivia?
Ask Thing!




Case: Insensitive

Searching for "Fester" or "Addams" will yield a large number of results.  Most things can be found in the FAQ and the History pages.

M&Ms commercial uses The Addams Family to promote M&Ms dark chocolate. 

M&M's Dark TV ad
used with permisssion

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Addams Family Movie 
Addams Family Movie Train Layout
Train Layout

Thanks to Mr. Monster for providing this image.
Click on the image to open in a new window

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  E-Mail Felix Silla (Cousin Itt) of the Original Addams Family. 
Felix Silla's Website
  The Worlds of Felix Silla
Nicole Fugere, Michael Roberds, and Ken Weatherwax have closed their E-Mail accounts.

A bio of Charles Addams Written by Ron MacCloskey, from Westfield, New Jersey, Charles Addams home town.
Opens in a new window.

Addams Family Video Slot Machine
from International Game Technology (IGT).

IGT has released a new Video Slot Machine based on the Original series. Look for it on your next trip to Las Vegas, Atlantic City or where ever gambling in legal. I'd love to have one for my game room.

Rate The Unofficial Addams Family World Wide Web Site at Zeal.Com 


Addams Family Reunion
Addams Family Reunion
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Real Player

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