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Charles Samuel Addams

Born: Jan. 7, 1912, Westfield, New Jersey.
Died: Sept. 28, 1988, New York, New York

Charles Addams first appearance in The New Yorker Magazine in 1932. He quickly became a regular, and by 1935 his cartoons had evolved into his immediately recognizable style. His darkly comedic visions of death and the macabre lasted until 1989 (published posthumously).  His cartoons led to the development of the The Addams Family television series [1964-1966], The New Addams Family series and two feature films, The Addams Family (1991) and Addams Family Values (1993).

His books:  Drawn and Quartered (1942), Addams and Evil (1947), Monster Rally (1950), Home Bodies (1954), Black Maria (1960), Charles Addams' Mother Goose (1967), and My Crowd (1970)  Barnes and Noble re-release (2003) are very popular today.

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Charles Addams believed; '...if the cartoon needed a caption, he felt he had failed in some way, even if the caption was brilliant'

Please read the bio written by Ron MacCloskey

He died Sept. 29, 1988. He passed away in an appropriately strange way. He was an enthusiast of fast sports cars. After coming back from a trip to visit some friends in Connecticut, he parked his Audi 4000 in front of his Manhattan apt. building and died of a fatal heart attack while sitting behind the wheel of the car.  A wake was held as was his request where he wished to be remembered as a "good cartoonist".

Charles Addams cartoons appeared in the New Yorker Magazine from 1935 to 1988.

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