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Est. 1856

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 October 7, 2002

Janie Adams Passes at 106 (Buffalo, WY)
  Janie died peacefully last night. (October 5th)
Funeral will be Thursday, (October 10th). For details, please email Ann, 

Janie Adams (1994)

Barbara Irene Lukens Davis

Barbara L. Davis passes away at  79
(Chico, CA)
Barbara Davis passed away quietly Wednesday, March 27th at her home in Chico, California. Barbara had been suffering from Alzheimer's for the past several years.  She is survived by her son Robert Davis, with whom she has lived since 1996,  her son Jon Davis, and five grandchildren.  Memorial services are pending.   Barbara led a paradoxical life.  She was born in Chicago (more)

Richard Braumiller passes away at  79
(Lynchburg, VA)
Richard Braumiller passed away October 8th, 2001 of a heart attack.  He is survived by his daughters Karen McLarty and Kristen Hancock.  This man of few but profound words joins his beloved wife Ellie. His ashes are interred in the Memorial wall at Holy Trinity Church in Lynchburg, VA which Richard and Ellie were instrumental in raising the funding for.  He is survived by daughters Karen McLarty  (more)
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Lawrence Myers

Family You Didn't Know You Had.
(Jon Davis -Lomita, CA
  Lawrence Myers is a name that most of us have never heard.  He is a cousin of ours who lives in Kansas.  Lawrence a grand-nephew, Mary Eliza Mather Adams, contacted Ann Harness.  Ann then pointed him to this site.  Lawrence relayed to me a large amount of information on  (more)

McLarty Family Moves

(Laren McLarty - Ft. Mill, SC)

  The McLarty family has pulled up stakes and run for the border. The dashed across the state line to enroll Kate (16) in to a top performing High School.
  District realignment of Charlottes schools would have put Kate in  poor performing school.  Ft. Mill, SC is just across the border from Charlotte, NC where Karen  (more)