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The Unofficial Addams Family
Sounds Page

Sounds from The Addams Family TV series and Movies.

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The Addams Family TV Series

Addams Family Theme. (69kB) au file. .
. The Addams Family Theme lyrics. Vic Mizzy . .
Gomez & Morticia bullfrog. (389kB) wav file.
Morticia on the joy of marriage. (157kB) wav file.
Morticia loves weddings. (90kB) wav file.
Cousin Melancholia preacher. (99kB) wav file.
Gomez thinks they're a perfect match. (159kB) wav file.
Gomez, Thing say hello. (56kB) wav file.
Morticia & Gomez propose a toast. (181kB) wav file.
Uncle Fester greets the new neighbors. (72kB) wav file.
Lurch, followme. (52kB) wav file.
Gomez can't understand. (92kB) wav file.
Call for Lurch. (33kB) wav file. .
Mail Chime. (49kB) wav file. .
Tish speaks french. (34kB) wav file. .
Doorbell. (54kB) wav file. .
Fester , "I never went to school...". (52kB) wav file. .
Gomez , "...my side of the family". (25kB) wav file. .
Lurch's groan. (69kB) wav file. .

The Addams Family Movie

The Addams Family Credo. (126kB) wav file. .
That's my job (111kB) wav file. .
Gomez frightened Morticia. (190kB) wav file. .
It was an accident. (35kB) wav file .

Addams Family Values

Where babies come from. (415kB) wav file
Gomez's announcement. (62B) wav file
Gomez encourages Fester. (139kB) wav file
Debbie wonders where do Addams men come from. (93kB) wav file
Debbie states what we all know. (61kB) wav file
Debbie's confession. (114kB) wav file
Fester's attraction. (86kB) wav file
Cousin Itt performs Fester & Debbie's vows. (125kB) wav file
Fester's declaration. (38kB) wav file
Joel's promise to Wednesday. (114kB) wav file

ThingGive a listen .

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