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The Addams Family came to the big screen in 1991 and again in 1993. Hollywood was looking to the small screen for ideas for movies.TV series and cartoons proved to be a popular with the Baby Boom generation.Those of us who grew up watching the Addams Family longed for more.

Hollywood was pleased with the performance of Batman and the Star Trek Movies. The script for The Addams Family was considered to be a winner from the start. The movie went back to the originalCharles Addams' cartoons for inspiration,including the most famous one of all: the Family pouringboiling oil on cheery Christmas carolers. The TV show was largely ignored in creating the film. The film had a much darker look than the TV show but it maintained the theme that the Addamses were normal in their abnormality.Carry overs from the TV show include Thing and Vic Mizzy's theme song. All of the main characters in the movie are the same as the TV show with the exception of Uncle Fester, who went from Morticia's Uncle to Gomez's older brother. Missing is the familiar decor of the Addams' furnishings, Pierre, Cousin Farouk and the two headed turtle.

Despite the failure of the earlier attempt to revive The Addams Family with the 1977 Halloween Special, production of the Addams Family movie went ahead and proved to be a successes Addams Family Values, while not as popular as the first, was a success also. The death of Raul Julia proved to end any speculation of a third movie starring the original cast.

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