The Addams Family



Morticia Addams Anjelica Huston
Gomez Addams Raul Julia
Uncle Fester Christopher Lloyd
Abigail Craven Elizabeth Wilson
Wednesday Addams Christina Ricci
Granny Judith Malina
Tully Alford Dan Hedaya
Lurch Carel Struycken
Judge Womack Paul Benedict
Thing Christopher Hart
Margaret Alford Dana Ivey
Pugsley Addams Jimmy Workman
Cousin Itt John Franklin
Digit Addams Tony Azito
Dexter Addams Douglas Brian Martin
Donald Addams Steven M. Martin
Cousin Ophelia Addams Allegra Kent
Sloth Addams Richard Korthaze
Lumpy Addams Ryan Holihan
Flora Amor Maureen Sue Levin
Fauna Amor Darlene Levin
Employment Agent Kate McGregor-Stewart
Susan Firkins Lela Ivet
Little Tully Whitby Hertford
Lois Addams Patty Maloney
Swedish Blonde Victoria Hall
Pre-Teen Gomez Jimmy Ross
Pre-Teen Fester Ryan Anderson
Teenage Gomez Daniel Pikus
Teenage Fester Micheel Hittesdorf
Teenage flora Lauren Walker
Teenage Fauna Valeri Walker
Girl Scout Mercedes McNab
Long Arm Addams Joe Zimmerman
Fingers Addams Steve Welles
One-Armed Bass Player Eugene Jackson
Snake Charmer Richard Tanner
Conductor Marc Shaiman
Jugglers The Passing Zone
... Jonathan Wee
Owen Morse
Stunts Randy Kovitz
Keith Campbell Mary Peters
... Danny Rogers
David Welch
Special appearance by Sally Jessy Raphael


Gomez is unhappy, as the 25th anniversary of his brother Fester's disappearance is approaching. 'Don't torture your- self, Gomez', Morticia advises him. 'That's my job.' Mean- while, the Family lawyer, flat-broke Tully Alford, arrives, with his wife, Margaret. His plans to fleece the Family fail. He owes money to Mrs. Craven, who has her thuggish son, Gordon, threaten Tully. Tully notices that Gordon looks a lot like Fester, and a plan evolves for the three of them to get their hands on the Family's money. When the annual seance is held by the Addams Family, Fester arrives at the door, accompanied by Mrs. Craven, posing as Dr. Pinderschloss, a psychiatrist. She claims that Fester was fished out of the ocean alter being stranded with amnesia in the Bermuda Triangle. Wednesday is very suspicious of this story, but Gomez accepts the newcomer.

Wednesday plays with Pugsley in the electric chair, a new game called 'Is there a God?' Gomez shows Fester the vault, below the house and down an underground river. The combination is '2-10-11: eyes, fingers, toes'. Gomez admits his own jealousy drove Fester away and asks for forgiveness. Fester agrees, but he's forgetting too much, and Gomez is growing suspicious of him. 'Dr. Pinderschhiss' cures Gomez's suspicions, and Fester starts to settle in. That night is the children' s school play, and Fester helps them to make fall-apart limbs that spray the shocked audience with blood. Gomez throws a party to welcome Fester home, and they dance the traditional Mamoushka. Mrs. Craven is furious with her son, and Wednesday overhears them plotting. Tully gets an idea and has the local judge (who loathes the Family) issue an order declaring that the Family treasures and property belong to the older brother, Fester. The Family is thrown out.

They have to take a room at a motel. Wednesday and Pugsley attempt to sell lemonade, while Morticia gets a job telling stories to children (leaving them shocked and in tears). Thing delivers overnight letters, while Gomez becomes addicted to chat-shows and sitcoms. Morticia returns to the mansion to try and talk sense to Fester. She's captured and tortured. Just as she' s enjoying herself, Thing returns with Gomez to the rescue. Gordon, finally, has become fed up with his mother and Tully and switches sides to help the Addams'. He causes a hurricane that sends Tully and Mrs. Craven spinning into graves. The children bury them. 'Are they dead?' asks Pugsley. 'Does it matter?' replies Wednesday. Gordon is hit by a lightning bolt which restores his memory. He really is Fester, and was lost in the Bermuda Triangle. The Family is together again. Margaret Alford falls in love with Cousin Itt, and the children all join happily in a game of 'wake the dead'. Bring your own shovel...

Additional Information

The major change for the film is that now Fester has become Gomez's older brother (born in 1947). After a fight over Flora and Fauna 25 years ago, Fester left home, and never returned. Lurch is, strangely, silent, save for a few groans. He also plays the organ now, instead of his old harpsichord. Gomez and Morticia recall their first meeting, at a funeral, where they fell in love. At the end of the film, Morticia announces she' s expecting, and has knitted a baby suit with three legs. Thing is also finally freed of his boxes, thanks to a great deal of special effects work.

New members of the Family mentioned (along with those in the credits) are: Uncle Midnight, Aunt La Borgia, Cousin Retch, Uncle Imar, Uncle Atlas, Great Aunt Lavinia Great Aunt Calpurnia and Cousin Balthazar, all buried in the Family cemetery at the back of the house. Gomez and Fester's parents were killed by an angry mob. Fester's pet vulture, Muerto, is also buried in the cemetery.

The movie cost something along the lines of $30 million to make. The director, Barry Sonnenfeld, was a novice; before this movie he'd been director of photography on films like Raising Arizona, Miller's Crossing and Misery. He wasn't the first choice, either. Tim Burton was, but he and Terry Gilliam both passed when offered the film. Writer Larry Wilson had worked on Beeteluice, and Caroline Thompson on Edward Scissorhands, so neither were new to the genre of comedy/horror. Despite this, their script suffered major overhauls at many stages, and was rewritten by (uncredited) Paul Rudnick, whose compensation was that he got to write the sequel alone.

The Addams' house was specifically constructed for this film at a cost of over $100,000. Shots of a model house were also used. For the sequel, only the model was used, as the full-sized house was demolished.

Raul Julia is best known for his stage work, and as a regular on the children's show Sesame Street. His films include Kiss Of The Spider Woman (1985), Tequila Sunrise (1988) and Presumed Innocent (1990). Anjelica Huston is the daughter of director John Huston, and won an Oscar for her work in his Prizzi's Honor (1985). Her other films include The Witches (1990) and The Player (1992). Christopher Lloyd rose to fame as the Reverend Jim on Taxi (1979-83), and cemented his appeal with the Back To The Future movies. Carel Struycken has appeared regularly on Star Trek - The Next Generation as Mr. Homm.


Written by Caroline Thompson and Larry Wilson
Based on the characters created by Charles Addams
Directed by Barry Sonnenfeld
Music by Marc Shaiman
Conducted by Hummie Mann
Dance music orchestrated by Peter Golub
Produced by Scott Rudin
Executive Producer Graham Place
Second Unit and Visual Effects Director of Photography Christopher Nibley
Director of Photography Owen Roizman, ASC
Production Designer Richard MacDonald
Film Editors Dede Allen, ACE and
Jim Miller
Costume Designer Ruth Myers
Co-Producer/Unit Production Manager Jack Cummins
Casting David Rubin, CSA
1st Assistant Director Joe Camp III
2nd Assistant Director Ian Foster Woolf
Visual Effects Supervisor Alan Munro
Additional Photography Gale Tattersail
Choreography Peter Anastos
Visual Effects Co-Supervisor Chuck Comisky
Properties Robin Miller
Stunt Co-ordinator David Ellis
Supervising Sound Editor Cecelia Hall, MPSE
Sound Mixer Peter F. Kurland
Rerecording Mixers Gregg Landaker
... Gary Summers
Michael Minkier
Fencing Choreography B.H. Barry
Makeup Design Fem Buchner
Hair design Anthony Cortino
Wigs Paul Huntley
Casting Associate Debra Zane
Extras Casting Charlie Messenger
Art Director Marjorie Stone McShirley
Associate Producers Bonnie Arnold and Paul Rosenberg
Set Decorator Cheryal Kearney
Assistant Art Directors Erin Cummins and
Paul Sonski
Special Effects Coordinator Chuck Gaspar
Script Supervisor Tom Johnston
Music Editor George A. Martin
Orchestrations Mark McKenzie
... Steve Bartek
Ralph Burns
Dennis Dreith
Jack Eskew and
Thom Sharp
Titles and Optical Effects Cinema Research Corporation
Main Title Design Pablo Ferro and Allen Ferro
Special Prosthetics Alterian Studios, Inc
Mechanical Devices Tony Gardner
'Thing' Prosthetics and Puppets David Miller Studios
Puppeteers J. Eustermano
... Eric Friedler
Bruce Fuller
Jim McPherson
Dianna Smith
William Sturgeon
Tommy Williamson Jr.
John Robles
David Penikas
Model train crash Ron Thornton Effects
Matte Art Composites Illusion Arts Bill Taylor and Syd Dutton
'The Addams Groove', music by Hammer/Pilate lyrics by Hammer; performed by Hammer
'The Addams Family Theme' Vic Mizzy
'Mamustika' music by Marc Shaiman, lyrics by Betty Comden and
Adolph Green

'The producer and director wish to gratefully acknowledge the consulting services and assistance of The Lady Colyton in the making of this film.'

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The Addams Family and Munsters Programme Guide
by John Peel
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