Addams Family



Morticia Addams Anjelica Huston
Gomez Addams Raul Julia
Fester Addams Christopher Lloyd
Debbie Jellinsky Joan Cusack
Wednesday Christina Ricci
Granny Carol Kane
Pugsley Jimmy Workman
Lurch Carel Struycken
Joel Glicker David Kruniholtz
Thing Christopher Hart
Margaret Dana Ivey
Gary Granger Peter MacNicol
Becky Granger Christine Baranski
Pubert Addams Kaitiyn and Kristen Hooper
Amanda Buckinan Mercedes McNab
Don Bucktnan Sam McMurray
Ellen Buckman Harriet Sansom Harris
Mrs. Glicker Julie Haiston
Mr. Glicker Barry Sonnenfeld
Desk Sergeant Nathan Lane
Cousin Itt John Franklin
Cousin Aphasia Charles Busch
Cousin Ophelia Laura Esterman
Flora Amor Maureen Sue Levin
Fauna Amor Darlene Levin
Dementia Carol Hankins
Donald Steven M. Martin
Dexter Douglas Brian Martin
Lumpy Addams Ryan Holihan
Delivery Nurse Lois de Banzie
Forceps Nurse Vickilyn Reynolds
Heather Cynthia Nixon
Mrs. Montgomery Edye Byrd
Delivery Room Doctor David Hyde Pierce
Obnoxious Gir Andreana Weiner
Host Peter Graves
Lawyer Rick Scarry
Flirting Woman Monet Maxur
Flirting Man Francis Coady
Driver Ian Abercrombie
Moving Man Chris Ellis
Concetta Camille Saviola
Passport Clerk Zack Phifer
Jorge Tony Sharloub
Irwin Jeffrey van Hoose
Mordecal Micah Winkelspecht
Wheelchair Camper Matthew Beebe
Consuela Kristy Shirvani
Esther Jamie Gordon
Yang Michael Hata
Jamal Jocy Wilcots
Camper #1 Jason Fife
Camper #2 Karl David-Djerf
Young Debbie Haley Peel
Pubert's Voice Cheryl Chase


Morticia is going to have a baby - now! 'It's an Addams!' announces Gomez, proudly, and they name it Pubert. (The original name chosen for Pugsley in the TV series - JAD) Wednesday and Pugsley think it's to replace one of them, and decide they have to kill it first. Gomez and Morticia decide they need a nanny to help out, and eventually they hire Debbie Jellinsky. She's almost as weird as they are, and Fester is smitten with her. Gomez advises him: 'I hope that someday you'll know the indescribable joy of having children, and of paying someone else to raise them.' Debbie is, in fact, a black widow who marries and then murders wealthy men for their money, and has set her sights on Fester. ' When she realizes that Wednesday is suspicious of her, Debbie cons the parents into sending the children to summer camp. When they arrive at Camp Chippewa, Pugsley asks what it means. 'It's an old Indian word', Gomez explains. Adds Wednesday: 'It means orphans.' It's a bright and perky camp for privileged children.

They don't fit in too well, but Wednesday excels when it comes to telling ghost stories. She makes friends with another misfit kid, Joel Glicker, and together they try to break out of the camp. Meanwhile, Debbie gets Fester to propose, and they're married in the graveyard at a Family gathering. Itt officiates, and Wednesday catches the bouquet.

The honeymoon is in Hawaii, where Debbie tries again and again without success to murder Fester. She is forced to live with him, but insists on their own home and won't allow him tu see the rest of the Family. Pubert becomes angelic, the rest of the Family troubled. Meanwhile, at camp, Wednesday is brainwashed into being good and manages to smile. She's to play Pocohontas in the end of camp play, but instead she leads an Indian raid, reducing the place to rubble. Debbie tries to kill Fester by blowing up the house, but he survives that, too. Thing comes to his rescue with a car, and Debbie, now utterly deranged, follows, vowing: 'I'll get you, and your little hand, too!' She trails them to the Addams house, where she puts the Family into electric chairs. She's about to fry them all when Pubert gets free and reverses the current, killing her instead.

Writer Paul Rudnick had performed uncredited rewrites on the first film. He's best known for his columns for Premiere magazine under the pseudonym of Libby Gelman- Waxner. There are some fun touches in this story, including Gomez arm-wrestling Thing. Itt and Margaret now have a baby, Whatt. And the wedding music is 'Sunrise, Sunset', from Fiddler On The Roof Once again, though, the movie is stolen by Christine Ricci's magnificent performance as Wednesday. Rudnick wisely gives her the lion's share of this film.

Production Designer Ken Adam is best known for his work on numerous entries in the James Bond series.

Mercedes McNab (the perky girl scout in the first film) is a delight in this one as Wednesday's foil.

Director Barry Sonnenfeld has a cameo as Joel's father.

Carol Kane is best known from Taxi (1981-83) (with Christopher Lloyd) and movies such as Scrooged. She replaces Judith Malina (the only member of the first film's cast not to return) as Granny.

Joan Cusack was a regular on Saturday Night Live (1985-86).

Director Sonnenfeld explained to Starburst (January 1994) how he saw the appeal of the family: 'They are the perfect family unit in my estimation. The husband and wife still love, and are still sexually attracted to, each other. Their strong sense of family means Fester and Granny can live with them. Most importantly they give their children space to grow and learn and experiment without being smothered by parental guidance. Their values might not necessarily be what you or I would believe in. But they don't change them day to day on a whim. They believe in non-conformity and allowing people to exist in any way they wish as long as they aren't bothering somebody else. Isn't this the sort of family we should try to be? One we would all love to belong to?' Hmm....

After the nightmare of making the first film (the original production company, Orion, went bankrupt as they filmed and Paramount bought the movie and completed it, way over budget and time), Sonnenfeld originally refused to consider a second film. Then he read and liked the script and was offered a considerable raise in his salary, both of which overcame his objections.


Written by Paul Rudnick
Based on the characters created by Charles Addams
Directed by Barry Sonnenfeld
Music by Marc Shaiman
Conducted by Artie Kane
Produced by Scott Rudin
Executive Producer David Nicksay
Director of Photography Donald Peterman, ASC
Production Designer Ken Adam
Film Editors Arthur Schmidt, ACE and
Jim Miller
Visual Effects Supervisor Alan Munro
Costume Designer Theloni V. Aldredge
1st Assistant Directors Burt Harris and Mark McGann
2nd Assistant Director Ian Foster Woolf
Casting David Rubin, CSA
Associate Debra Zane
Associate Producer Susan Ringo
Tango Choreography Peter Anastos
Choreography Camp Chippewa Adam Shankman
Art Director William J. Durell, Jr.r
Set Decorator Marvin March
Assistant Art Directors Charles Breen
... Lauren Cory
John Leimanis
Camera Operator David E. Diano
Sound Mixer Peter F. Kurland
Script Supervisor Judy Townsend
Anjelica Huston's Makeup Fern Buchner
Anjelica Huston's Hair Sytlist Susan Germaine
Makeup Supervisor Kevin C. Haney
Makeup Artists Katherine James
... Fred C. Blau
Cheri Minns
Gerald Quist
Supervising Hair Stylist Susan Germaine
Hair Stylists Kim Santantonino and Susan Schuler Paige
Wigs Bill Fletcher
Properties Emily Ferry
Special Effects Supervisor Albert Delgado
Sound Supervisor Cecilia Hall
Rerecording Mixers Robert J. Litt
... Greg P. Russell, CAS
Frank A. Montano
Orchestrations Jeff Atmajian
... Brad Dechter
Hummie Mann
Michael Starobin
Stunt Coordinator Gary Hymes
Titles and Optical Effects Cinema Research Corporation
Main Title Design Pablo Ferro and Allen Ferro
Visual Effects Unit: ...
Associate Supervisor Brian Jochum
Director of Photography Keith Peterman
Key Visual Effects Assistant Fred Toye
Visual Effects Producer Robin Griffin
Prosthetics Coordinator Karen Murphy
Digital/Optical Visual Effects VCE/Peter Kuran
'Thing' and 'Pubert' Puppets and Prosthetics Created by David B. Miller Studio
Special Prosthetics, Mechanical Devices and House Miniatures by Alterion Studios, Inc.
Motion Control Photography Image-G
Matte Paintings Illusion Arts, Inc.
... Syd Dutton
Bill Taylor, ASC
'The producer and director wish to gratefully acknowledge the consulting services and assistance of The Lady Colytor in the making of this film.'

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