The Unofficial Addams Family
The Animated Addams Family Cartoon Series
1973 & 1992, 1993

1973 Series

Hanna Barbera first used the Addams Family as guest stars on their popular Scooby Doo show. Their appearances were so well received that the firm spun them off into their own show. In this, the Family is travelling about America in a special haunted wagon that can even dig a moat when they settle down for the evening. New characters include Abigail the bat, Ocho the octopus and Ali Gator.

Many of these shows were adapted in issues of the Gold Key comic HANNA-BARBERA: THE ADDAMS FAMILY.

Telecast: NBC Saturday Morning Sept. 8, 1973 - Aug. 30, 1975
Broadcast History (all EDT):
Sept. - Dec. 1973, NBC Saturday 9:00-9:30 AM
Jan. - Aug. 1974, NBC Saturday 8:30-9:00 AM
Sept. 1974 - Aug. 1975, NBC Saturday 8:00-8:30 AM

Executive Producers William Hanna
Joseph Barbera
Directed by Charles A. Nichols
Produced by Iwao Takianoto
Associate Producers Paul Sommer and Maurice Pooley
Story Bill Raynor, Bud Atkinson, Jack Mendelsolm, Miles Wilder, Dick Conway and Gene Thompson
Story Direction Jim Carmichrel, Carl Fallberg, Dave Hanan, Fred Crippen, Jan Green and Don Sheppard
Character Design Talutshi Masunaga
Animation Director Carl Urbano
Animating Supervisor James A. Pabian
Dialogue Director Wally Burr
Background Styling F. Monteniegre
Musical Director Hoyt Curtin
Music Supervisor Paul DeKorte
Unit Directors Arthur Humberstone, Mike Salter and Terry Harrison
Production Manager Dennis Gardiner
Supervising Editor Mel Roberts
Layouts Ted Pettingell, Toni Bailey, Jolm Cooper and Mel Darsler
Backgrounds Geoff Channell, Caird Green, Chris Collingwood, Jane Penning and Jolm Dick
Animation Co-ordinators Graeme Stubbings, David Thwaytes and Alma Sachs
Trace and Paint Supervisor Sally Wails
Animators Janet Nuon, Mike Pocock, Tom Barling, Peter Sachs, Bryan Foster, Joirn Swanson, Mike Murphy, Rosemary Welch, Manie Szrnichowska, Lew Saw, Jim Waddell, Enrique Arnau, Marlene Robinson and Alan Simpson
Characters Created by Charles Addams

A Hanna-Barbera Production

Voice Cast

Gomez Leonard Welanib
Morticia and Granny Janet Waldo
Uncle Fester Jackie Coogan
Lurch Ted Cassidy
Pugsley Jodie Foster
Wednesday Cindy Henderson
Additional voices ...
... Josh Albee
Howard Caine
John Carver
Pat Harrington, Jr.
Bob Holt
Don Messick
John Stephenson
Herb Vigran

1973 Animated Series Episode Guide

AF-1. "Addams Family in New York"

8 September 1973

The Addams Family are offered a bargain: New York City's Central Park! To help them clean it up, they free animals from the zoo, but the policemen cometh and the Addamses are about to be placed into custody when Gomez produces unexpected proof that he is in fact the rightful owner of Central Park. The park was bequeathed to an ancestor, Van Dyke Addams, and a seed confirms that it is to be passed on to his heirs. But the cops still have a hard time with Gomez's story.

Note: This story was adapted in issue #2 (90293-501, January 1975) of the Gold Key comic HANNA-BARBERA THE ADDAMS FAMILY ("Visit To New York").

AF-2. "Left in the Lurch"

15 September 1973

The Addams Family go to Nashville in search of dinosaur bones, but find themselves caught up in a pop festival instead. Lurch becomes a lead guitarist and vocalist for the group Freddie and The Frogs, but there's trouble ahead when he encounters a pen pal.

Note: This story was adapted in issue #3 (90293-504, April 1975) of the Gold Key comic HANNA-BARBERA THE ADDAMS FAMILY.

AF-3. "Boola Boola"

22 September 1973

The rare Boola-Boola, it is said, can be found in the Black Lake, and The Addams Family have an exciting time when they join in on the search. But they have more to look for than the Boola-Boola when Ocho the octopus is kidnapped.

Note: This story was adapted in issue #1 (90293-410, October 1974) of the Gold Key comic HANNA-BARBERA THE ADDAMS FAMILY ("In Search Of The Boola Boola").

AF-4. "The Fastest Creepy Camper in the West"

29 September 1973

Petroleum shortage promises to be a thing of the past via. Uncle Fester Addams' new invention: "Festerine"...but The Addamses are caught up outwitting Count Evil and The Race Ace. When they succeed at this task, they win a million dollars for their favorite course: Vulture Culture at The Ghoul School Of Dracula University!

AF-5. "The Mardi Gras Story"

6 October 1973

The Addams Family enjoy all the fun and gaiety of Mardis Gras in New Orleans, but it's difficult to recognize them in their funny masks. Tensions mount when a couple of crooks masquerade as Fester and Gomez!

AF-6. "Follow That Loaf of Bread"

13 October 1973

Thing finds himself in trouble when Morticia is baking Eerie Egg Bread and he falls into the mixture. The bread wins a national bakeoff competition before the family knows what's going on. Then they embark on a desperate search for the bread containing Thing.

AF-7. "Aloha, Hoolamagoola"

20 October 1973

The Addamses experience an exciting Hawaian adventure in which they are mistaken for a stone age tribe: the lost Hoolamagoola, and Ocho Octopus discovers an underwater cave.

AF-8. "The Reluctant Astronauts' Trip to the Moon"

27 October 1973

The Addams Family wins a piece of land on the moon. Preparations arise for a visit to inspect their new possession, and their rocket blasts off with a little help from Uncle Fester. Now comes the problem of trying to find a place to land!

AF-9. "The Great Balloon Race"

3 November 1973

A balloon race is attracting a lot of attention, but Professor Orville Byrd's balloon is sabotaged during its entire route from New York City to Los Angeles by The Nasty Brothers. The Addamses decide to lend a helping hand to the imperiled professor.

AF-10. "Ghost Town"

10 November 1973

Spooks are scaring everyone away from The Old Prodpector's Land and they try to scare off The Addamses as well when they no avail, for The Addams Family enjoy themselves by outspooking the spooks!

AF-11. "The Circus Story"

17 November 1973

The Addamses visit a circus which they discover as "The Worst Show On Earth." They decide to help when Honest John tells them of its troubles, resulting in it becoming just about the best show on earth!

AF-12. "The Addams Family at Sea"

24 November 1973

The Addams Family take their first ocean voyage, but the sight of Ali the alligator in the swimming pool has every passenger aboard spooked; so much so that they jump OVERboard. The croked Lefty and Joe promptly steal all the valuables aboard as a result, but The Addamses are soon in hot pursuit of the thieves as they attempt a getaway in a speedboat.

AF-13. "The Voodoo Story"

1 December 1973

Madame Hoodoo finds all her curses and spells fail miserably to frighten The Addamses, and things digress from bad to worse for her when her love potion backfires and Granny puts a blessing on her! She decides to go back to Haiti forr advanced Voodoo lessons.

AF-14. "The Roller Derby Story"

8 December 1973

Wednesday Addams chooses to visit The Roller Derby for her birthday celebration, and The Addamses are soon involved between the bitter rivalry of The Angels and The Demons, resulting in The Addamses playing for The Angels and a gruesome battle of Demons versus Addamses!

AF-15. "Addams Go West"

15 December 1973

Following the trail of the great pioneers, The Addams Family go to the wide open spaces of the West and find themselves outsmarting such characters as Wyatt Burp, Silly The Kid and Badmouth Ben.

AF-16. "The Addams Family at the Kentucky Derby"

22 December 1973

Pugsley wants a horse for HIS birthday celebration so the Addamses go to Kentucky to buy one. They choose a worn-out old nag named Bones, but Granny's cooking does her so much good that she becomes a fast runner again, and is ridden by Pugsley to victory at The Kentucky Derby!

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The most interesting aspect to the animated show was that Jodie Foster played Pugsley. Then a young actress working in shows like Gunsmoke and The Courtship Of Eddie's Father, she is now best known for her roles in films like Silence Of The Lambs and Maverick, as well as being a director (Little Man Tate). Both Jackie Coogan and Ted Cassidy reprised their vocal roles from the original show. Leonard Weinrib and Janet Waldo were both much- used on animated shows (she was Penelope on The Perils Of Penelope Pits top, and Judy on The Jetsons).

1992 Series

Executive Producers David Kirschner and Mark Young
Produced by Ron Myrick
Story Editor Bill Matheny
Creative Consultant The Lady Colyton
Supervising Director Ray Patterson
Directors Robert Alvarez, Don Lusk and Carl Urbana
Animation Directors Joanna Romersa, Frank Andrina, Joan F. Drake, Allen Wilzbach, Richard J. Bowman, Margaret Nichols, Art Scott, John Kafka, Kunio Shimarnura, Rebecca Bristow, Ed Love, Bob Kirk and Ken Southworth
Assistant to Producers Karenia Kaminski
Storyboard Artists Michael V. Bennett, Linda Rowley Blue, Barrington Bunce, Bwana, Greg Garcia, Drew Gentle, Gary Hoffman, Elaine Hultgren, Scott Jeralds, Peter Kingston, Brad Landreth, Tom Nesbitt, Philip D. Stapleton, Mania Piluso, Lane Raichert, Keith Sargent, Karl Toerge, Keith Tucker, Barbara Dourmashkin Case and Louis Scarborough, Jr.
Recording Director Gordon Hunt
Animation Casting Director Lynne Batchelor
Talent Coordinator Jill Ziegenhagen
Music Guy Moon
Theme Vic Mizzy
Director of Music Production Bodie Chandler
Graphics Iraj Paran and Tom Wogatzke
Design Supervisor Scott Jeralds
Character Design Ginny Hawes, George Goodchild, Andre St. Amour and Emily Michels
Design Assistants Dana Granger, Barbara Krueger and Jesus Rodriguez
Animation Supervisor Chris Cuddington
Assistant Animation Supervisor Nary Jamlig
Clean-Up Supervisor Butch Orosa
Animation Checking Supervisor Jan Adams
Animation Checking Beth Goodwin
Background Supervisor Al Gmuer
International Background Supervisor Jonathan Goley
Background Layout Keys Drew Gentle, Al Gmuer, Jim Hickey, Gary Mouri, Ronald Roesch, Swinton O.Scott III and Dean Thompson
Background Bonnie Callahan, Jonathan Goley, Andy Phillipson, Patty Palmer-Phillipson, Leonard Robledo and Ron Roesch
Xerography Star Wirth
Tracing Supervisor Ros Mandi
Word Processing Gail Prewitt and Linda Germain
Ink and Paint Supervisors Alison Leopold and Stella Reyes
Colour Key Brenda Burns
Production Managers Kris Zimmerman and Catherine Peza
Assistant Production Manager Benji Agoncillo
International Production Coordinator Jo Ham
Production Coordinators Vicki Casper and Rosanne Rodriguez
Production Assistants Tori Pollock, Sandy Benenati, Debby Lathrop, Valerie Menk and Linda Moore
Program Executive Ellen Cockrill
Production Publicist Joseph Swaney
Supervising Film Editor Terry W. Moore
Film Editors Gil Iverson, Tom Gleason and Tim Iverson
Sound Editor Michele Douglas
Music Editor Peter Collier
Track Readers Jim Hearn, Kerry Iverson, Kay Douglas and Carol Iverson
Sound Direction Ed Collins
Rerecording Mixers Jim Aicholz and Ezra Dweck
Negative Consultant William DeBoer, Jr.
Camera Dan Bunn and Raul Salgado
International Production Executive Paul Sabella
Executive in Charge of Production Jayne Barbera
Produced in association with Fil-Cartoons, Inc.
Production Supervisor Jerry Smith

Based on characters created by Charles Addams

A Hanna-Barbera Production

Voice Cast

Gomez John Astin
Morticia Nancy Linani
Wednesday Debi Derryberry
Pugsley Jeannie Elias
Uncle Fester Rip Taylor
Granny Carol Channing
Lurch Jim Cummings
Cousin Itt Pat Fraley
Mrs Normanmeyer Edie McClurg
Mr Normanmeyer Rob Paulsen
N.J. Normanmeyer Dick Beals
Additional voices ...
... Ruth Buzzi
Ernest Harada
Erv Immerman
Brian Mitchell
Manion Ramsey
Hal Rayle
Susan Silo
Marcelo Tubert
Renee Victor
Marcia Wallace
Anderson Wong
Anna Mania Horsford

This series is based mostly on the first Addams Family movie, with the same dark humor. Interestingly, though, John Astin returned to the role he had created for the original series.

1) Puttergeist

Written by David Schwartz and Bill Matheny

On Halloween, Granny tells the story of the Puttergeist, a golfer from Happydale Heights who is looking for his lost head. Everyone believes it's just a myth until the ghost is sighted.

2) Addams Family PTA

Story by David Schwartz and Billy Matheny

Teleplay by David Schwartz

Morticia is feeling rather desolate when the children seem to prefer working or playing with the other members of the Family, so she becomes more involved with their schooling.

3) NJ. Addams

Story by David Schwartz, Bill Matheny and Lane Reichert

Teleplay by David Schwartz

The Normanmeyers, being friends of the principal, are guest speakers in class (like every week). N.J. is so embarrassed by their talks that he runs away and wants to be adopted by the Addams Family instead.

4) Itt's Over

Story by Earl Kress and Bill Matheny

Teleplay by Earl Kiess

Fester has started to grow hair, which he's scared will mar his good looks. The Family has to call in a special consultant, which can only be Cousin Itt.

5) Girlfriendstein

Story by Earl Kress, Bill Matheny and Lane Reichert

Teleplay by Earl Kiess

Lurch is upset, and not attending properly to his duties. The children discover his girlfriend has jilted him, so Fester decides to build him a new one.

1993 Series

Executive Producer David Kirschner
Produced by Emory Ron Myrick
Story Editor Bill Matheny
Creative Consultant The Lady Colyton
Associate Producer Karenia Kamenski
Animation Directors Robert Alvarez, John Cataldi, Zeon Davush, Daniel De La Vega, Kateland Kobiack, Bob Nessler and Bob Tyler
Storyboard Artists Glenn Hill, Michael V. Bennett, Scott Heming, Salli Hilborn, Elaine HultgienMitch Schauer, Earl Kress, Gary S. Katona, Brad Landreth, Carol Lundburg, Lane Reichert, Karl Toerge and Roman Arambula
Recording Directors Gordon Hunt and Ginny McSwain
Casting Director Kris Zimmerman
Talent Coordinator Jill Ziegenhagen
Supervising Recording Engineer Edwin Collins
Recording Engineer Alvy Dorman
Design Supervisor Bob Onorato
Key Designer Ginny Hawes
Designers George Goodchild, Frank Rocco and Julian Chaney
Design Assistants Steve Simone, Barbara Krueger, Donna Zeller and Jesus Rodriguez
Background Supervisor Al Gumer
Background Layout Keys Andrew Gentle and Ron Roesch
Backgrounds Ron Roesch, Patty Phillipson, Andrew Phillipson and Maryano Thomas
Graphics Iraj Paran
Music Matt Muhoberac and John Zuker
Additional Music Guy Moon
Theme Vic Mizzy
Director of Music Production Bodie Chandler
Ink and Paint Supervisor Alison Leopold
Color Key Brenda Burns and Karen Gresli
Xerography Star Wirth
Animation Checking Supervisor Jan Adams
Animation Checking Beth Goodwin
Post Production Supervisor/Supervising Editor Tom Gleason
Post Production Coordinator Jeannine Roussel
Track Readers James Hearn, Larry Cowan, Carol Iverson, Kenny Iverson and Kay Douglas
Sound Editor Michelle Douglas, Three Rivers Editorial, Inc.
Music Editor Peter Collier
Audio Post Production Larson Sound Center
Rerecording Mixers Anthony Constantini and Doug Gray
Negative Consultant William DeBoer
Production Executive Catherine Winder
Program Executive Jeff Holder
Unit Production Coordinator Tori Pollack
Production Supervisor Debby Hiodman
Production Assistants Michele Foruichi, Sandy Benanati, Valerie Menk, Linda Moore and Gail Prewitt
Animation by Fil-Cartoons, Inc.
Overseas Layout Director Tapani Knuutila
Overseas Animation Director John Rice
Based on characters created by Charles Addams

Voice Cast

Regular cast as previous season.

Additional voices ...
... Michael Bell
Earl Boen
Julie Brown
Hector Elizondo
Dick Gautier
Peter Cullen
Candy Houston
Gordon Hunt
Nick Jameson
Vicki Juditz
Page Leong
Ian Monfette
Bob Ridgely
Pamela Sefall
Marcelo Tubert
Marcia Wallace
Marsha Warrield
Frank Welker
Charles Nelson Reilly
Robert Guillaume
A Hanna-Barbera Production

1) Camp Addams

Story by Bill Matheny and Ron Myrick

Teleplay by Bill Matheny

The children are forced to go to camp with . . . Mr. Normanmeyer in charge. They start by wishing they hadn't, and he ends up wishing they hadn't.

2) A Girl And A Ghoul

Story by Bill Matheny and Ron Myrick

Teleplay by Bill Matheny

Wednesday has a new idol: TV show host Graveyard Gary. She wins a competition to meet him and discovers that her hero isn't as disgusting as she'd hoped.

3) Color Me Addams

Story by Bill Matheny and Earl Kress

Teleplay by Earl Kress

Directed by Emory Ron Myrick

Morticia is painting portraits of Fester and Itt - in ghastly living (?) color. Thing wants to help out, and is upset when Morticia won't allow him.

4) No Ifs, Ands Or Butlers

Story by Bill Matheny and David Schwartz

Teleplay by David Schwartz

Directed by Emory Ron Myrick

Lurch is feeling put-upon, bearing the brunt of doing chores for everyone, and without being thanked. Eventually, he's had enough and walks out, leaving the Family to fend for themselves.

5) Sweetheart Of A Brother

Written by Bill Matheny

Directed by Emory Ron Myrick

The Family is worried about Pugsley's eccentric behavior. He's being too nice. Then they discover he isn't sick, but in love.

6) Double 0 Honeymoon

Written by Bill Matheny

Directed by Emory Ron Myrick

Double-O-Itt' s nemesis, Thundermane, has escaped from jail, just when Itt has planned a much-needed vacation. Gomez and Morticia volunteer to take on the maniac to help out.

7) Then Came Granny

Written by Bill Matheny

Granny is doing a fortune telling business over the phone, but she's getting nothing by constant complaints. She's afraid that she's lost her abilities, and has to go to extreme lengths to get them back.

8) Jack and Jill and The Beanstalk/Hand Delivered

Written by (a) David Schwartz
(b) Bill Matheny

Fester can't sleep, so he has Wednesday tell him a bedtime story. This involves mixed-up nursery rhymes in which the Family plays the various roles. In the short filler, the mail woman assigned to the Addams route refuses to let any- thing - or Thing - stand in the way of her delivery.

This review and information is from
The Addams Family and Munsters Programme Guide
by John Peel
ISBN 0-86369-837-9
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