The Unofficial Addams Family
Episode Miscellaneous


Aunt Anemia
She had a beard, "but never a mustache!"
Aunt Blemish
Morticia mistook her for the old Addams barn in a family photograph.
Aunt Drip
Married to Uncle Droop (he had bulging eyes). Their portraits hang in the playroom.
Aunt Millicent
Who prefers being known as Princess Millicent
Aunt Phobia
Gomez once hid a hornet's nest in her sleeping bag
Aunt Trivia
No description is available.
Aunt Vendetta
No description is available.
Black Bart Addams
A professional genealogist traced the family to these characters. Unfortunately, no descriptions of them are available.
Bloody Addams
A professional genealogist traced the family to these characters. Unfortunately, no descriptions of them are available.
Brother Clump
Fester's "dearly departed" brother.
Commodore Addams
Spoken to the ol' commodore as he led his men off a sinking ship "It's wonderful the way you just leap in, take charge, and lead the way."
Cousin Blah
No description is available.
Cousin Bleak
Boll weevils infested his hair. What a mess!
Cousin Bleep
No description is available.
Cousin Blink
No description is available.
Cousin Blob
He was "deathly afraid of ghosts-now he's one himself," said Gomez. The family hears him on dark, stormy nights.
Cousin Cackle
He used to reside in the Addams attic before moving to a cave, where he's lived for more than thirty years. This Moses look-alike, who screams with an unflagging, wild, maniacal laugh, appears in one episode.
Cousin Caliban
He had two heads.
Cousin Clot
He was sentenced to the electric chair. (Gomez I'll never forget the day the judge imposed sentence . . .Clotty stood there, head high, shoulders back, said, 'It's a bum rap.'" Morticia said "An Addams to the end!"
Cousin Creep
Pugsley accidentally zapped him with a disintegrator ray gun. Fester remembers, "There he was, giggling and laughing. Suddenly, there he wasn't-still giggling and laughing. It was kind of eerie."
Cousin Crimp
This two-headed individual (one male, one female) was "such fun on double dates," according to Morticia. Gomez said Crimp was "mighty handy when we needed a third or fourth for bridge, too." Crimp used to love to play the harpsichord and passed the family heirloom down through generations; he used to play four-handed compositions on it-all by himself. Crimp had one glass eye.
Cousin Cringe
The family sealed a hacksaw in a pie and paseed it to Cringe in jail. He ate the hacksaw too. "In fact, he developed a taste for them," Morticia remembers.
Cousin Curdle
His head was turned around backwards.
Cousin Droop
He dropped a mirror for luck.
Cousin Farouk
He was nearly consumed by a swordfish. The remains of both Ferook and the fish are mounted on the wall.
Cousin Fungus
He lives in the tunnels under the house.
Cousin Goop
Gomez said, "Now there was a fellow who really knew how to look for a job. Never found one."
Cousin Gripe
He attained a mate through a marriage brokerage called Hasty Marriage.
Cousin Grisly
A portrait of Grisly facing a firing squad hangs in the Addams hallway.
Cousin Grope
Had three ears.
Cousin Imar
Had three arms. Morticia knitted a sweater for him
Cousin Manuel
A pyromaniac
Cousin Melancholia
Engaged to and later married Fred.
Cousin Nanook
No description is available.
Cousin Plato
Had two heads. The left head was size 6, and the right, size 8_. Morticia knitted him a custom ski cap.
Cousin Slimey
Had two heads.
Cousin Slosh
He went down the city sewer in a "fit of pique" and completely disowned the family. "Made a whole new life for himself," said Gomez.
Cousin Slump
No description is available.
Cousin Trivia
No description is available.
Cousin Turncoat
No description is available.
Cousin Vague
"He's about as abstract as you can get," says Gomez.
Edwin Booth Addams
No description is available.
General Ulysses S. Addams
At Vicksburg he surrendered, but "not until they caught up with him," Gomez adds.
Grand-Uncle Grisly
Gomez said "He was a traitor, but he only did it for the money."
Grandfather Malaplop
Fester molded a ceramic urn for him. ("Oh, how thoughtful!" Gomez said. "He is getting on.")
Grandma Squint
Reportedly makes strange sounds from the attic.
Grandmother Frump
Mortitia and Ophelia's mother.
Grandpa Droop
He gave Morticia stock certificates for her twelfth birthday.
Grandpa Slurp
A "handsome devil," had a bucktooth and a receding chin.
Grandpa Squint
Abraham Lincoln begged Squint for his political support, but, alas, the man who got it was Stephen Douglas. In the political realm, Gomez notes, rather than run for office, "We Addamses prefer to think of ourselves as king-makers."
Great-Aunt Deliria
She was engaged to a chimpanzee.
Great-Grandfather Blob
He pried a sacred ruby from the hand-er, head-of a Hindu (it was causing a terrible headache). The relieved Hindu presented the gem to Blob, and it became a family heirloom. Fester sold it off cheap when he needed money.
Great-Grandfather Pegleg Addams
The last of the adventurous Addamses, he wore a pegleg just for appearances, and was wanted by fifteen countries for piracy. He was buried at sea with full military honors blindfolded, handcuffed, and dropped off a plank.
Great-Great-Grandmother Slice
A distant grand to Grandmama, she sharpened guillotines. "The belle of the French Revolution," Morticia brags.
Great-Great-Great-Aunt Singe
She was burned at Salem. (The family keeps her ashes in an egg-shaped urn.) Morticia organizes a seance in an attempt to reach Aunt Singe, and proclaims this incantation Fire of Salem, ol' flame of Satan, Come in Aunt Singe, we're all awaitin'.
Mamoud Khali Pasha Addams
In D. 270 he used a torch to set fire to the library at Alexandria, Egypt. "The firebug of the Bosporus," says Gomez.
Ol' Ebenezer Addams
Led the early settlers across the Great Plains and sold the first guns to the Indians.
Old SenatorAddams
"So wise and understanding," they said about him just before they impeached him, Gomez reveals.
Sir Newton Addams
He was a scientist who set his house on fire during an experiment-the high point of his career.
Uncle Blight
Nicknamed "Ol' Kiss-of-Death Blight" (Gomez never knew why), Blight heavily backed the presidential campaigns of such washouts as Wendell Willkie, Alf Landon, and Adai Stevenson.
Uncle Crimp
No description is available.
Uncle Droop
Married to Aunt Drip Their portraits hang in the playroom.
Uncle Tic
Married to Aunt Phobia, "he had two left feet, she had two right ones. It was a mere physical attraction," Fester explains.

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