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Addams Family Home Floor Plan Information

The Addams Family Home Floor Plan

The Addams Family Home Floor Plan was drawn by Mark Bennett.  Mark Bennett has been drawing floor plans of TV homes and offices for years.  The floor plan appeared in the LA Times Magazine on September 10, 1995. Mark has published a book of famous TV houses.  The book "TV Sets" is available from most major bookstores and Amazon.com.

Some of the floor plans he has done are:

Addams Family Home from the TV Series
Rob & Laura Petrie's House from the Dick Van Dyke Show
The Beverly Hillbillies Home
Ward & June Cleaver's Home from Leave it to Beaver
The Jetson's
The Bunker's from All in the Family
The Ricardo's (all 3 residences)
Perry Mason's Office
The Cunningham's Home from Happy Days
The Munster's Home
Andy Griffith's Home from the Andy Griffith Show
The Flintstone's Cave

Home of: The Addams Family used with permisson

Drawing copyright © Mark Bennett

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